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In the grounds of Clitheroe Castle overlooking our little sweetie shop, the snowdrops are now clearly visible, signifying the onset of longer days and hopefully some better weather.  It seems hardly any time at all since we were busy preparing for Christmas and now the focus is upon next week`s Half Term School Holiday Break and, after that, Easter, with Easter Sunday falling this year on 16th April.

Here at the All Occasion Sweet Shop we pride ourselves on providing sweet shop gifts which are out of the ordinary and as a great alternative to the usual chocolate Easter Eggs, we recently launched a superb Chocolate Gift Box, currently available at the discounted price of just £15.95 .... and, for anyone looking for a great alternative Easter gift for non-chocolate lovers, then how about our newly designed Wrapped Sweets Gift Box containing over 1.1kg of individually wrapped retro style sweets all manufactured by Swizzels, priced also at a discounted price of just £15.95.

But, Easter is not with us for a short time yet, so returning our thoughts to the Half-Term School Holiday break which will be upon us next week, why not treat the kids to one of our great sweets gift boxes or hampers to take into school on the last day of term.












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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Looking back in time, it`s interesting to see how tastes and trends have differed to such a huge extent when it has come to sweets, chocolate and confectionery products across the decades. In the UK today, for instance, top sellers of our time include some wonderful sweet shop delights such as the American-based Hershey Bar, but in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s things were very different and the ever-famous Mars Bar most definitely held the No. 1 position when it came to the top ten most popular sweet confectionery products of the era here in the UK. As we entered the 1990s, though, the Mars Bar did actually slip down the rankings slightly to be overtaken by other well-known chocolate products such as Cadbury`s Dairy Milk and Kit Kat ... but, hey, that`s just focussing on chocolate (the first bar of which, incidentally, is said to have been produced as far back in time as the 1840s!!). Other sweet and confectionery products which go way back in time, but which have remained consistently famous up to the present day include Turkish Delight (said to have begun life in 1777) and, closer to home for us, Kendal Mint Cake (which is thought to have been introduced to the market during the 1860s), but as the decades continue to unfold and as sweet manufacturers continue to experiment with the wealth of different tastes, textures and flavours available to us today, we can`t help but ask ourselves what we Brits will be chomping on in the years ahead. If you could design a brand new sweet shop product to be launched to the UK sweets market, what would it be? sssRead more...

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Welcome to the UK’s favourite online retro sweets shop crammed full of traditional and old fashioned sweets, including Fruit Salads, Fried Eggs, Shrimps, Parma Violets and lollies, plus favourites from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, like chewy Wham Bars, boiled sweets, liquorice sweets and Haribo sweets.

And the fun doesn`t stop there!! Check out our huge range of retro sweets for some amazingly different gift ideas which include retro sweet hampers, gift boxes, traditional sweet jars and American Sweets, guaranteed to revive a whole host of childhood memories!!!

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