Candy Striped Retro Sweets Gift Box 770g

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£14.95 £15.95

Candy Striped Retro Sweets Gift Box sizes up at 22.5cm x 15cm x 7.5cm and comes crammed with over 50 of your favourite old fashioned sweets from the 70's, 80's and 90's!

Exclusive to us our Candy Striped Gift Box comes with a clear lid and instantly add's the extra wow factor once opened and is neatly packed with all our best selling sweetie shop favourites!

A great gift all year round and perfect for all occasions!

Contents -

Bubble Gum Strips
White Jazzles
Double Dip
Fizz Wiz
Rainbow Drops x 2
Wham Bar
Refresher Bar
Drumstick Bar
Candy Whistle
Candy Lipstick
Fruity Lollies x 2
Candy Sticks
Candy Necklace
Flump x 2
Fruit Salads x 4
Black Jacks x 4
Anglo x 4
Traffic Light Lollies x 2
Fizzers x 4
Parma Violets x 4
Wine Gummies
Fizzy Wine Gummies
Dip Dab
Fun Gums Cola Bottles
Sour Roller Belt
White Mice
Rainbow Dust x 4