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Calling all liquorice lovers! Check out our ever-increasing range of luxury liquorice products, including the ever-popular Liquorice Strawberry Stripes and the totally indulgent and amazingly delicious RJ`s Liquorice Chocolate Roll.

There was a time, way back in the dim and distant past, when the availability of sweet liquorice confectionery was limited to Pontefract Cakes and maybe the odd stick or two of Bassetti. These days, though, liquorice has really taken off and we currently stock over twenty individual liquorice sweet products, with this range expanding all the time.

We also specialise in the creation of some astonishing gift items aimed to please even the most discerning liquorice fan. Our current gift range includes a magnificent Luxury Black Liquorice Hamper alongside the slightly more modest Liquorice Sweets Gift Box.