Wonka Bars

Wonka Bar 

We just happened to be tuned in one night last week to a well-know TV show called Baggage Wars, and, given our inevitable interest in all things sweet, we were delighted to see a Wonka Bar pop up on the screen !  

The show, for anyone not familiar with it, relies on individual dealers purchasing sealed bags and boxes containing unknown items which they then hope to be able to sell on to make a profit.  Anyway, one of the guys on the show last week purchased a sealed up brown cardboard box for a price of $130 and when he opened it one of the items inside was a rather old-looking, but still in apparently great condition, Wonka Bar.  The bar was fully wrapped and had the packaging bore the unmistakable Wonka logo.

The guy took the bar to a specialist who advised that it could be one of two things – either a cardboard film prop or an actual chocolate bar used as a film prop and that it would almost certainly be from one of two dates in time – either 1971 where it would have featured in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film released at that time starring Gene Wilder ... or as late as 2005 when the film was re-released to star Johnny Depp. 

The specialist went on to say that, depending on whether the bar was actual chocolate or cardboard and dependent upon its age, its value could range very significantly and could even run into four figures; (wow, anyone paying that price really would have to be bonkas for Wonkas !!).

Well, as the intrigue grew, the specialist delivered his verdict and the bar, it turned out, fell into the lower price bracket as, whilst it was made from actual chocolate, it dated back only as far as 2005 when the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Film was re-released and, because this film did not attract anywhere near the same following as the original version, the bar was deemed to have a price tag of around $300. 

Still a great return for the dealer`s investment in our view, but not quite the gold ticket he had been hoping for !  Better luck next time, eh.