From the very first day our business opened, we`ve had lots of people asking us whether or not we sell Mojos.


Mojos, for anyone out there who doesn`t actually remember them, were, in our opinion anyway, just about one of the coolest sweets ever to feature on the sweet shop `penny tray` during the 1970s and 1980s.  They were small oblong chewy sweets made in different flavours and each one came neatly wrapped in a printed waxy paper which was folded into a triangle at each end and, so that each little rectangular sweet looked like a tiny, perfectly wrapped parcel .... and, once the wrapper was peeled off, they most certainly didn`t disappoint.


Astonishingly, and for reasons we are completely unable to fathom, Mojos were taken out of manufacture around twelve years ago, but the Lancashire-based company responsible for making them did carry out a short re-launch of this retro classic  around 2011 / 2012.  For some strange reason, though, the re-launch was deemed unsuccessful and ended after just a very short time, making the revival or the Mojo a short-lived event and sadly we`ve been without them ever since.


Here at the All Occasion Sweet Shop, we think there should be a campaign to “BRING BACK THE MOJO” , because in our opinion it holds a well-deserved position right up there with the most sought after retro sweets of all time.  This week alone we`ve had six separate enquiries for the sweet !


Without the Mojo, anyone looking for a chewy sweet which will revive those happy childhood memories of growing up in the 70s and 80s will be restricted now to the Fruit Salad (a small oblong chewy sweet, again wrapped in waxed paper, which is around the same size as the Mojo and comes with a super fruity raspberry and pineapple flavour) the Black Jack (which is the same size and shape as the others, but has a strong liquorice / aniseed taste) or the larger-sized Refresher Chews (more than twice the size of a Black Jack or Fruit Salad and which has a sharp lemony taste and a fizzy sherbet centre).  And, whilst all these three sweet shop favourites are equally delicious in their own right, there`s definitely, definitely, none in our opinion to match the magnificent Mojo !