The Great British Tuck Shop

Great British Sweets really are a true representation of the long-standing love affair we Brits have had with good old fashioned sweets and sweet confection throughout the decades.  Is there another nation on record, we ask, with a love of sweets which is greater than our own?  We think not!

The history associated with British Sweets is astonishing and it`s really, really interesting.  Did you know, for example, that the humble humbug can be traced back in time to as early as the start of the 1800s ... or that Jelly Babies were originally introduced to the market as `Peace Babies` in 1918 to celebrate the end of the First World War, only becoming known by their present name during the 1950s.  Well, if you didn`t know these most crucial of facts, at least you are safe in the knowledge that you do now!

Traditional British Sweets are, and we think always will be, at the very centre of our daily lives.  After all, what would a trip to the cinema be without a huge bagful of what must be just about THE most expensive sweet on earth (aka cinema-bought `Pick N Mix`)? ... what would a visit to Grandma and Grandad`s house at the weekend be without the offer of a good old-fashioned Pear Drop or two?... and what person alive has not munched their way through an entire bagful of Lion`s Midget Gems whilst swatting up for those all-important end of term school exams?!