Hi there and welcome to our first `hamper-related` blog here at the All Occasion Sweet Shop !!

There was a time, as I`m sure you can all recall, when hampers were really only known for their use in association with picnics – forming the centrepiece of a memorable day out in the country or at the seaside and often taken there strapped to the back of an open-top car !! …… weather permitting, of course !! (so I think we`re fairly safe in saying that these last few months in the UK would have ruled that particular activity out for a while, that`s for sure !!!!).

Today, though (and regardless of the weather !!) the humble hamper now has a much broader use and here at the All Occasion Sweet Shop it proudly displays our fantastic range of traditional and vintage sweets, such as the old-fashioned Pear Drop and unmistakeable aniseed, liquorice and fruit-flavoured Sarsaparilla Tablet …. alongside retro favourites like the amazing Wham Bar and incredible individual Black Jack and Fruit Salad Chews. “Yummy” !!!!!!!

Our sweet hampers make a fantastic addition to any event, whether it be a family get-together at home …. a full-blown, `roll out the red carpet`, mega-bash… or even an old-fashioned `turn back the clock` day out in a field by the river with your mates !!

We`re here to give your event a guaranteed `WOW` factor which is individual, unique and, best still, at a price affordable to all pockets !!! ….. (crucial in this day and age as we all continue to count the pennies !!) . But don`t just take our word for it ........... check out the ever-increasing range of hampers and gift boxes we have available and make your own choice in time to totally impress the crowd at your next big party or get-together !!!!!

All Occasion Sweet Hampers - affordable luxury delivered right to your door !!