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Throat and Chest Tablets (250g/ 0.55lbs)


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Throat and Chest Tablets are an old-fashioned, quite medicinal-tasting sweet which have been around in sweet shops for absolutely decades. Black in colour and encrusted with granulated sugar, Throat and Chest Tablets are really good for treating sore throats and great too for sucking if you happen to be suffering with a cough or cold generally, but aside from their medicinal qualities, Throat & Chest Tablets are also real old-fashioned traditional sweet which can be enjoyed every day because of their aromatic, herbal flavour which acts as a great `pick me up`, particularly during the long cold grey days associated with the winter months.

Many, many sweet manufacturing firms have been responsible for producing Throat & Chest Tablets over the years, with each one applying their own individual twist to make their version of this traditional, old-fashioned sweet in their opinion extra special. Across the decades, Throat and Chest Tablets (or Throat & Chest Sweets as some people call them) must surely be one of the best recognised old-fashioned `cough sweets` ever produced and for this reason they remain as famous and well-loved today as they`ve ever been.

We feel sure you`ll love the soothing taste of these lobe-shaped hard-boiled Throat & Chest sweets, but if you`re not for any reason whatsoever then please remember that we do offer a Money Back Guarantee. So, if you`re not completely delighted with your sweets from our sweet shop online when you receive them then just return them to us with their original packaging to receive a refund of your purchase price in full.

250g of individual hard-boiled, aromatic-tasting Throat and Chest Sweets which have been weighed out by hand and packed into small bags by ourselves before being posted out straight to our Customers via our online sweet shop.