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Acid Drops (250g/ 0.55lbs)

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Hands up who remembers the zingy, sharp and mouth-watering taste of the traditional Acid Drop from their schooldays. Well, the Acid Drop available now from the All Occasion Sweet Shop represent some of the best traditional sweets in jars on the market at the present time.

Acid Drops must have been recorded as one of the most popular sweets in the 1970s and their distinctive sharp flavour is really quite unforgettable once tasted. Acid Drops are pale yellow in colour and not really representative in their appearance of the mouth-watering taste and flavour they produce when sucked. The variety of Acid Drops we stock come individually wrapped in clear cellophane so they don`t stick together in the jar or in the sweet bag like the unwrapped versions do.

Money Back Guarantee
We want every customer who visits our website and shop to be truly delighted with the products we sell and for this reason we are happy to offer a great money back guarantee in all instances in which a Customer is not totally satisfied with a product they receive from us (in this case our amazing quality Acid Drops). So, if in the highly unlikely event that you are not entirely pleased with your Acid Drops when you receive them, please see the relevant section of our website for further details.

250g of fruity, sharp and unbelievably zingy-tasting hard and crunchy Acid Drops – each one individually wrapped and hand packaged by ourselves ready for delivery.