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Sour Apple Kubes (250g/ 0.55lbs)


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The Sour Apple Cubes stocked and sold here at the All Occasion Sweet Shop are just about the best sour apple cubes anyone can ever have tasted. Packed to each bright green corner with a sharp, fruity and slightly sour apple taste, these sour apple cubes really are a sweet shop delight. We think so anyway.... and all of our Customers who buy them seem to agree! So, if you`ve never actually tasted sour apple cubes, or if your friends or family or workmates are have tried them and love their delicious sharp, sour and fruity flavour, then these little flavour-packed bright green sour apple-flavoured cubes of delight are an absolute `MUST BUY`.

Growing up in the 1970s and `80s, to be honest, I`d never see Sour Apple Cubes until fairly recently when we opened our second shop. They weren`t even around, to the best of my knowledge anyway, when we opened our first shop in the late `90s. But they`re around now, that`s for sure, and they are fast becoming a firm, fruity favourite in both our high street sweet shop and via our online sweetie-selling website. So, grab yours today and get sucking!

Here at the All Occasion Sweet Shop we really are confident that you`ll love the magnificent sharp green apple taste which comes with these top quality Sour Apple Cubes that we`re even prepared to go as far as offering a Money Back Guarantee. In other words, f you are not completely satisfied with your product when it arrives, then the answer is just to send the goods back to us complete with their original packaging within 7 days and we`ll refund the purchase price in full.