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Soor Plooms (250g/ 0.55lbs)


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Soor Plooms are a traditional Scottish-manufacturerd hard boiled sweet. They are round and ball-like in shape and they are bright green, almost luminous green, in colour. The Soor Plooms we sell here in our online sweet shop are manufactured by Gibb of Scotland and they are bought in wholesale form by ourselves from a main distributor in Scotland before being sold on in retail form.

Soor Plooms are definitely what might be termed `an acquired taste`. They are sharp, fruity and, as the name suggests, fairly sour in taste. Before opening our online sweet shop and engaging with the Scottish sweet manufacturing market, we had never heard of or seen Soor Plooms .. and neither, for that matter, had many of our Customers. Soor Plooms, though, are now one of our top sellers and they sell in our high street Lancashire sweet shop every bit as well as they do through our online sweets retail business.

Gibb of Scotland produce a wide range of top quality traditional Scottish-type sweets, and Soor Plooms are one of the most notable amongst their range.

We feel sure you`ll be delighted with the appearance and taste of these Soor Plooms, but if you`re not for any reason at all then we actually offer a Money Back Guarantee. So, if you`re not completely happy with your sweets when they arrive, you just need to return them to us with their original packaging within 7 days and we`ll refund your purchase cost to you in full.

250g of individual hard-boiled Gibbb`s hard-boiled, ball-shaped sour-flavoured sweets weighed out by hand and packaged in small bags by ourselves before being sent out to our Customers.