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Rosie Apples (250g/ 0.55lbs)


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Rosie Apples are a hard-boiled confection with a great, sweet red and green apple taste. Rosie Applies are round in shape and red and green in colour and, like the real thing, they come bursting with an amazing fresh fruity flavour. Here at the All Occasion Sweet Shop we have always stocked and sold Rosie Apples and they are a top quality sweet which sells well all the year round. The Rosie Applies we sell in our sweet shop and also online are manufactured by an old-fashioned sweet manufacturer based in Blackburn, Lancashire which is just a few miles from our shop in Clitheroe.

Growing up in Lancashire in decades past, Rosie Applies were a firm favourite of ours when visiting our local sweet shop and they haven`t changed one bit over the decades. Rosie Apples are a great summer-time sweet because of their refreshing and sweet apple taste, but they`re great in the winter months also when the days are dull and grey and we need cheering up.

Here at the All Occasion Sweet Shop we feel certain you`ll be delighted with the traditional fruity flavour of these top quality, crunch round Rosie Applies and for this reason we`re prepared to go as far as offering a Money Back Guarantee. In other words, f you are not completely thrilled with your Rosie Applies when they arrive, just to send the entire package back to us complete with the original wrappings and, provided this is done within 7 days, we`ll refund your purchase price in full.

Individually weighed-out bag full of bright red and green, crunchy, sweet and fruity traditional Rosie Applies which have been packaged neatly here in our shop and made ready to be delivered straight to your door.