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Pick 'N' Mix Sweets

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Pick 'N' Mix Sweets

What`s pick n mix? Pick n mix, as far as our high street sweet shop is concerned anyway, is a range of different types soft, chewy and gummy of sweets displayed in a rack of clear Perspex boxes, each one with a lift-up lid, from which Customers can pick and mix their own sweet selection according to taste.  On our website, though, we also have a range of sweets which we term `pick n mix` and whilst these follow generally the same lines as those in the shop, the range on our website is much larger and includes both wrapped and unwrapped sweets. 

One of the most famously remembered pick n mix stands in the UK in past years has to have been the Woolworth`s pick n mix stand which was set up like the one we have in our shop, but which included only wrapped sweets such as Iced Caramels, Blackcurrant and Liquorice and Chocolate Limes, etc. 

Q:  Where sells pick n mix?  A:  Well, the All Occasion Sweet Shop for definite ... but also other places such as some supermarkets and many of the cinema complexes.

Q:  How much is pick n mix / how much does pick n mix cost?  A:  The price of pick n mix varies greatly depending on where it is bought from.  In our shop we sell pick n mix for 99p per 100g, but on our website the individual sweets we sell are all priced differently.