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Hard & Boiled

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Hard & Boiled

The production of hard boiled sweets is a process which goes way back in time, with many such sweets having started life in the kitchens of small terraced houses dotted around country.  One great example of this is the production of the traditional, old-fashioned Uncle Joe`s Mintball which started life in a small terraced house in Wigan in the North of England and is now a HUGE favourite.

But, what are boiled sweets ?  Well, they are, as the name suggests a hard and crunchy sweet confection made primarily from the boiling of sugar, mixed together with one or two other ingredients such as corn syrup, water and cream of tartar, etc. according to individual recipes.  The key to producing a good quality hard boiled sweet is temperature control and attempting to produce the sweets in humid conditions should be avoided as this deters the mixture from hardening properly, so the sweets become more chewy than hard as they are intended to be.

For Customers wondering where to buy hard boiled sweets, we have to put our hand up and say `here` as we pride ourselves on stocking a very wide range of hard boiled sweets, with favourites including  Rhubarb and Custard, Barley Sugar, Pear Drops and a great many more.