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Here at the All Occasion Sweet Shop we feel we are experts when it comes to knowing how to pack or how to package hampers.  For the last few years, we`ve specialised in putting together sweet hampers in a range which we feel offers something for everyone and what goes in our hampers really does count.

What are gift hampers?  In our opinion, they are beautiful wicker hampers or hamper boxes filled to the brim with exciting products guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of anyone receiving them.  In our case, we specialise in hampers with a difference or with a twist and all of our hampers in are filled almost entirely with sweets.

For anyone out there looking for gift hampers to buy and even hampers to send abroad, we have a wide range of hampers for sale – including hampers for him, hampers for her, hampers for dad even hampers for couples, such as our amazing range of decade hampers. 

For anyone pondering on how to make up or how to arrange hampers?  Well, we start by lining most of our hampers in brightly-coloured tissue paper, before beginning to compile the hamper layer by layer using top quality, individually-packaged sweets which have been specially chosen to match the theme of the hamper itself.  Our Old Fashioned Christmas Hamper, for example, takes approximately 30 minutes to compile as it contains such a wide variety of traditional sweets, including Chocolate Limes and old-fashioned Pear Drops, as well as some of the more recent additions to the sweet shop shelves such as Candy Canes.  Each hamper is neatly finished by hand so that the sweets inside look instantly amazing when the lid is lifted.

Finally, for anyone out there wondering how to post hampers .... just place your order through our website and leave the posting of the hamper to us.  It`s as simple as that!