Sweets From The 1970's Large Gift Box

All Occasion Sweet Shop


Blast back to the 70's with our retro sweets gift box crammed with Pineapple Cubes, Shrimps, Midget Gems, Torpedos, Sherbet Fountains and Golden Gum Nuggets to name but a few!

All of our retro sweets within this gift box are hand picked and packed into cellophane gift bags, sealed with a silk ribbon to give you the most amazing gift experience, which will certainly put a smile on everybody's face!

Coming in at over a mammoth 2.7kg (Over 6lb!!) and measuring at 30cm x 23cm x 11cm our gift box is guaranteed to delight any receiver!

Contents - 

  • 200g Fizzy Cola Bottles
  • 200g Lions Midget Gems
  • 200g Liquorice Torpedos
  • 200g Fruit Salads
  • 200g Kola Kubes
  • 200g Black Jacks
  • 200g Pineapple Cubes
  • 150g Barratts Shrimps
  • 150g Mini Foam Bananas
  • 150g Anglo Bubblys
  • 1 x Sherbet Fountains
  • 1 x Fruit Gums
  • 1 x Tooty Frooty
  • 1 x Golden Nuggets Bubblegum
  • 2 x Curly Wurly
  • 2 x Fizz Wiz (Space Dust)
  • 4 x Drumstick Lollies
  • 4 x Mini Parma Violets
  • 4 x Fizzers
  • 4 x Double Lollies
  • 20 x Flying Saucers