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Pineapple Kubes (250g/ 0.55lbs)


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The Pineapple Cubes (aka Pineapple Kubes or Pineapple Chunks as they are sometimes known) we sell at the All Occasion Sweet Shop are, we reckon anyway, just about THE best Pineapple Cubes you will ever have tasted. But, hey, that`s only our opinion! What we will say, though, is that if you, your friends, your family, your work colleagues ... or anyone else you feel like treating happen to be hooked on that super sweet and fabulously fruity fresh pineapple flavour of the traditional bright yellow, Pineapple Cube or Pineapple Chunk then these little gems are an real `must buy`.

Over the decades which have passed since we were at school ourselves, there have been lots of manufacturers of this product, including Maxons, Taverners and Stockleys to name just one or two - with some sweets coming with a chewy centre and others without. In our humble view, however, the best Pineapple Cubes ever to be produced do come with a great chewy centre, (but we quite understand that a chewy middle bit is not to everyone`s taste). Whether the Pineapple Cube, Pineapple Kube or Pineapple Chunk you choose just happens to have a chewy centre of not, though, what`s completely CRUCIAL for it to achieve the status of THE best you`ve ever tasted is that the sweet itself has that super fruity pineapple flavour which is and always has been associated with the traditional, old-fashioned Pineapple Cube.

We are totally confident that you`ll love the magnificent tropical pineapple taste which comes packed into the top quality Pineapple Cubes we sell that we`re even prepared to offer a Money Back Guarantee. So,, if you`re not completely satisfied with the product when it arrives, then the solution is a simple one ... just send the goods back to us complete with the original packaging within 7 days and we`ll refund the purchase price in full. How`s that for a guarantee ?