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Large Pear Drops (250g/ 0.55lbs)


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Pear Drops, for the very few out there who may not already have tasted them, are hard boiled traditional sweets with distinct and fruity, slightly acidic pear flavour. Here at the All Occasion sweet shop we stock two main types of Pear Drop in our high street shop and just one variety in our sweet shop online.

The delicious pear drop sweets we sell in our online sweet shop and also in our high street traditional old-fashioned sweet shop represent some of the most amazing hard boiled sweets ever created (but, hey, that`s just our opinion .... to know for sure, you`d really have to try them for yourself!). Good quality Pear Drops taste like no other sweet on the market and it`s a fact that one is just never enough !

Old-fashioned Pear Drop sweets are made by an old-style confectionery manufacturer operating close to our shop in Clitheroe, Lancashire. As the name of these amazing sweets suggests, they are pear-flavoured and their taste is both sweet and also slightly acidy. Some parts of the UK away from the Lancashire seem not to be familiar with this traditional little sweet confection, but despite this we still receive dozens of orders for them. Old-fashioned, traditional hard-boiled pear drop sweets are shaped like fresh fruity pears and they are red (or sometimes pink) and yellow in colour. Each sweet comes encrusted with crunchy granulated sugar for extra special deliciousness.

Here at the All Occasion Sweet Shop we want you to enjoy the unique sweet fruity taste of these top quality Pear Drop sweets and for this reason we are willing to go as far as offering a Money Back Guarantee. In other words, in any instance in which you are not totally satisfied with your purchase when it arrives, then just send the complete package back to us together with the original wrappings within 7 days and we`ll refund the purchase price in full.

The contents associated with this deliciously fruity and fresh old-style sweet confectionery product are very easy to describe – quite simply a 250g weigh-out bag filled with crunchy, sweet pear –flavoured hard-boiled sweets, prepared for sale via our online sweet shop and packaged for delivery straight to your door.