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Cough Candy Twist (250g/ 0.55lbs)


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Cough Candy Twists are a brightly-coloured glistening reddish orange boiled old-style sweet which, as their name implies, are twisted in appearance and have a distinctive herbal, slightly medicinal cough candy flavour. Cough Candy Twists are a great sweet to suck when suffering from a dry or sore throat and their herbal taste provides a refreshing boost.

We sell literally kilos upon kilos of this famous old-fashioned classic sweet both via our sweet shop online and also through our Clitheroe shop. These old-time, old-school sweet shop sweets have been a favourite of young and old alike from around the 1960s and they remain as popular today as they have ever been.

Here at the All Occasion Sweet Shop, it is our prime goal is to ensure that anyone who buys sweets from us, really enjoys the product they have chosen to purchase and with this goal in mind we offer a great Money Back Guarantee. So, if you honestly don`t enjoy the famous and unmistakeable taste of these crunchy herbal-flavoured Cough Candy Twists when they reach you, please just send your parcel back to us within 7 days complete with the original packaging and your purchase price will be refunded to you in full.

250g old-fashioned, traditional Cough Candy Twists packaged carefully for you in our sweet shop ready for sale online and for delivery directly to your door, (or that of your chosen recipient in the event that you are sending them to someone else).