Candy Striped Retro Sweets Gift Box 770g

All Occasion Sweet Shop


Candy Striped Retro Sweets Gift Box sizes up at 22.5cm x 15cm x 7.5cm and comes crammed with 47 of your favourite old fashioned sweets from the 70's, 80's and 90's!

Exclusive to us our Candy Striped Gift Box instantly ad's the extra wow factor once opened and is neatly packed with all our best selling sweetie shop favourites!

A great gift all year round and perfect for all occasions!

Contents -

Bubble Gum Strips
White Jazzles
Double Dip
Fizz Wiz
Rainbow Drops x 2
Wham Bar
Refresher Bar
Drumstick Bar
Candy Whistle
Candy Lipstick
Fruity Lollies x 2
Candy Sticks
Candy Necklace
Flump x 2
Fruit Salads x 4
Black Jacks x 4
Anglo x 4
Traffic Light Lollies x 2
Fizzers x 4
Parma Violets x 4
Haribo Tangfastics
Haribo Supermix
Dip Dab
Haribo Starmix
Sour Roller Belt
White Mice