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Bonfire Toffee (250g/ 0.55lbs)


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Wow! Old-fashioned, treacle-flavoured Bonfire Toffee! Rich in taste and a pleasure to eat and enjoy at any time of year – not just on November the 5th. Bonfire Toffee is manufactured in factory upon factory across the UK and also, particularly as the winter months arrive, in the private kitchens of many individual homes. Made correctly, Bonfire Toffee has a smooth silky finish and a sweet and slightly creamy taste which comes from the butter and treacle content. Having tested out a selection from the range of manufacturers available, we settled eventually on Maxon`s Bonfire Toffee, which comes in both slab form, to be sold broken up into randomly sized pieces, or as ball-shaped individual sweets which come individually wrapped in cellophane.

We`re really confident you`ll love the unique creamy treacle taste of the top quality Bonfire Toffee we sell through our online sweet shop and, because we are confident, we are happy even to offer our Customers a money back guarantee in the event that there are any issues with the product which mean it is not enjoyed to its fullest. In this event, please just send the product and complete packaging back to us within 7 days of receipt for your full refund.

250g sweet shop bag filled with delicious, top quality shiny, treacle-coloured Bonfire Toffee packaged ready for sale through our sweet shop online and ready to be delivered directly to your door within just two or three days.