For anyone out there who actually does not know what Vimto is (VERY few people in that category, we think !!) ...... Vimto started life in 1908 as a mixed-fruit flavoured soft drink and it was known then as Vimtonic (a drink designed to provide vim and vigour !).  But the brand name Vimtonic was soon shortened to just Vimto and this name has stayed with the brand right through it`s life and up to the present day.

Nowadays, the Vimto range is simply HUGE.  From a sweet shop point of view, the Vimto product selection includes a myriad of exciting products which encompasses traditional sweets and retro sweets classics such as Hard Boiled Sweets, Chewy Sweets, Bon Bons, Chew Bars, Lollies and Popping Candy.  Added to these old-fashioned sweets, though, there are new lines such as Vimto Candy Floss, Vimto Spaghetti, Vimto Skidaddles, Vimto Fizzy Rippa Belt, Vimto Tongue Tinglers ...... the list just seems to go on and on and if  you`re a fan of what`s often described as the `totally mixed up fruit flavour` then you`re definitely onto a winner !

Amazingly for us, the Vimto brand was actually dreamt up just over 10 miles from our Clitheroe Shop, in Blackburn, Lancashire (you might remember the Beatles singing about it !!) and the chap responsible for this wonderful creation was John Noel Nichols who was himself born in Blackburn on December, 28th, 1883.

We wonder what on earth John Noel Nichols would think if he could return to Blackburn for a day today and see the astonishing heights his original fruity tonic has been taken to ?  He`d be as amazed as we are, we expect.