Valentine's Gift Ideas

Is there a better way of showing someone you love them on Valentine's Day than giving them a delicious mix of sweets? As an old-fashioned, traditional and at the same time modern day sweet shop selling a wide range of Valentines sweets both on the high street and online, we don't think there is!

As far as Valentine's gifts are concerned, sweets and sweet-related confectionery products rank within the top 3 of the most favoured gifts, with an estimated 1 billion (can you believe that?! ONE BILLION!) individual sweets being consumed around St. Valentine's Day each year, that's a lot of sweets!

To help give you some ideas we've kindly put together a list of our best sellers around this time of year below. 

1. Cherry Kisses (aka Juicy Lips)

2. Lovehearts Rolls / Lovehearts Minis

3. Haribo Hearts

4. Lovehearts Sherbet Dip

5. Flumps

6. Strawberry Millions

7. Raspberry Millions

8. Loveheart Lipsticks

9. Jelly Beans

10. Kola Kubes

We also have a great selling Valentine's Gift Box which has been revamped to look even better this year!