Uncle Joe's Mintballs

Uncle Joe`s Mintballs
 are handmade and they are produced by Wm. Santus and Co. Ltd. – a sweet manufacturing company which began life in 1898 and which has been passed down over the years through five generations of the same family.

Here at The All Occasion Sweet Shop, we are lucky enough to have the Wigan-based company who make Uncle Joe`s Mintballs located almost on our doorstep and we do sell lots and lots of these old-fashioned retro sweets in both our high street shop and also via our online sweets retail business.

In a time when people are striving to improve their dietary intake and to avoid artificial colours and flavours, Uncle Mintballs are continuing to grow in popularity every bit as much as they have over past decades.  The reason for this is that this is one little old-fashioned sweet, still hand cooked on a traditional open fire, which is made using entirely natural ingredients.  Uncle Joe`s Mintballs contain no artificial colours or flavours and they are GM Free, Gluten Free and suitable for Vegans.

Uncle Joe`s Mintballs were created, well over a hundred years ago, to offer a feeling of comfort and warmth to people whilst they were out and about and the tag line for the Uncle Joe`s Mintball is that they `Keep You All Aglow`  .....  and to find out if that`s definitely true, just suck one and see !!