A few weeks ago Clitheroe hosted Stage 2 of the Tour of Britain and this brought many new Customers into our shop in the centre of town and gave rise to conversation around particular sweets which are manufactured and sold in particular areas of the country and not in others.  One great example of this is Sarsaparilla

In Lancashire, Sarsaparilla (a distinctive and quite unique flavour made from a secret combination of red fruits and liquorice) is very well-known indeed.  In fact, we could probably challenge you to find a Lancashire Lass or Lad who has not heard of or tasted it.  Just across the border in Yorkshire, though, Sarsaparilla is a relatively unknown commodity and we`ve been asked many times by Customers to explain to them exactly what it is.

Here at the All Occasion Sweet Shop the Sarsaparilla products we stock and sell include Sarsaparilla Sticks, Sarsaparilla Lollies and Sarsaparilla Drops (both sugared and `naked`).  Several past producers of Sarsaparilla products have now, sadly, disappeared, including Mitre who used to be based in Burnley.