The difference between `sherbet` and `kali` is a subject which sparks constant debate at the counter of our sweet shop in Clitheroe and it seems that depending on just where you happen to have been born and raised, the two commodities conjure up some very different expectations!!

Here in Lancashire, in the North of England, if the product in question is fine and powdery and creates a cloud of dust as you open the packet, then it is without doubt Sherbet (e.g. the Sherbet Fountain, the Sherbet Dip Dab and that amazing fizzy white stuff that forms the centre of any good Sherbet Lemon or Sherbet Strawberry). If, on the other hand, the product is heavier and more crystal-like and doesn`t leave the packet without you helping it, then (to a Lancashire Lass or Lad anyway) it`s definitely Kali !! (e.g. Rainbow Crystals and the wide array of individual fruit-flavoured crystals which sit alongside them on our sweetshop shelves).

From what we can glean through limited research, the term `sherbet` apparently first originated way, way back in time as far away as Turkey and was used in that region to describe a refreshing fizzy drink .... and this is strange, because only last week one of our Customers told us that as a kid, growing up in the 1970`s / 1980`s, he used to stir a spoonful of sherbet into a glass of water to make what sounds to us like a very primitive form of fizzy `pop`!!!

Anyway, whether it`s Sherbet or Kali ..... and whether it`s consumed using the wetted end of your finger, a dipping lolly (as per the Dip Dab), a stick of liquorice (or Spanish) like in the Sherbet Fountain ..... or even stirred into a glass of water if you feel so inclined ....... in our opinion it`s all fabulously delicious ........ and life just wouldn`t be the same without it!!