As the Sweet Shop R.I.P. list continues to increase in length, year on year, we wanted to take a look back at what we ourselves consider to be SIX OF THE BEST from the sweets confectionery range of yesteryear which are sadly now long gone. 

Aztec Bar

Launched by Cadbury as far back in time as 1967, the Aztec Bar was a wonderful mixture of milk chocolate, caramel and nougat – a bit like a lighter, more milky version of the well-known Mars Bar.

Closest surviving relative today = we think there`s only the ever-famous Mars Bar which is similar.

Cabana Bar

A key feature of most sweet shops during the 1980s, the Cabana was a delectable mix of lush coconut and creamy caramel incorporating glace cherry pieces , all covered in milk chocolate.

Nearest thing to the Cabana Bar today = in our view the closest thing is just the Bounty Bar.


Mojo Chews

Small rectangular chewy sweets in a range of fruity flavours which came all wrapped up in folded waxy paper bearing the `MOJO` logo, the Mojo had to be just THE `penny chew` of decades past.

Probably the best alternative available today = Fruit Salads or Black Jacks (made by the same manufacturer).


Riley`s Toffee Rolls

Launched to the sweets market as far back as 1907, Riley`s Toffee Rolls were made famous by Riley

Brother`s of Halifax.  Sadly, after two changes in manufacturer, this product was eventually withdrawn from manufacture in the 1990s.

Our recommendation for a really good alternative = Buchannan`s Chocolate Caramels



Square-shaped hard-boiled fizzy fruity sweet in a range of flavours with a circular indentation in the centre and a shiny, slightly translucent `spangly` appearance when held up to the light.

Probably the only thing anywhere near these today to be honest = Fox`s Glacier Fruits



Simple in appearance and entirely white in colour, Pacers (originally named Opal Mints and sitting on the sweet shop shelf alongside their close cousin, Opal Fruits) were a great-tasting spearmint flavoured chewy sweet made by Mars.  Unfortunately, Pacers hit the R.I.P. list in the 1980s.

A realistic modern day possibility in our opinion = Chewy Mints