Hands up if you stayed in at home last Friday night and tuned in to Room 101 on TV?

Well, if you did, you might have seen Jonathan Ross seeking to condemn into oblivion that staple of teenage life – Sweet Shop Pick N Mix – apparently one of Jonathan`s absolute pet hates and how fudge once made him cry!

Woolworths Pick 'N' Mix 

Pick `N` Mix comes in a number of varieties, including the individually wrapped version once on sale in Woolworth`s stores across the country and which included favourites like Iced Caramels and Chocolate Limes.

The type Jonathan was referring to, though, was the foam and gummy version which includes icons such as the truly magnificent Barratt Shrimp (or `Foam Prawn` as it was referred to by Frank Skinner during the show).

Anyway, the upshot of the show, happily, was that Frank, who confessed to having shown no sense of romance whatsoever when chomping his way through an entire pack of Swizzel`s Lovehearts on a number of occasions without checking the words on a single sweet, did actually step in to save Pick`N` Mix, from the dark and gloomy depths of Room 101.

So, fans of this hugely expensive, but totally unique and delicious creation, will be relieved to know it has been allowed to live on to please yet another generation to come.

Check out the video here - Room 101 Pick 'N' Mix