Wow !  Celebrity Interest in the All Occasion Sweet Shop !

We were delighted last week when Paddy McGuinness posted a message on Twitter in response to some old-fashioned sweets we sent to him and even more pleased when this resulted in us being mentioned in our local newspaper. You can find the article in The Clitheroe Advertiser and Times.

Paddy had sent out a Tweet to his fans talking about some of the sweets he best recalled from childhood, mentioning Sweet Peanuts, Anglo Bubblegum and Nut Brittle in particular. 

The Tweet gave rise to great interest from Paddy`s followers and there were lots of Tweets back from people reminiscing about traditional sweets which nowadays we refer to as `vintage` or `retro sweets`.

Our specialism is rekindling memories of the old-fashioned sweetshop by putting together everything from a 100g bag of weighed out jar sweets to huge hampers full of the traditional, old-school sweets which people recall from their own childhoods and we sent Paddy a gift box containing some of our best sellers.  Paddy posted a picture of the box we had sent to him on Twitter and the story was picked up and reported on by the Advertiser, which was really great !