There are some sweets which people either `love` or `hate`, depending on their own particular taste ….. but in the North of England I don`t think I`ve actually ever come across anyone yet who doesn`t absolutely “LOVE” !! Midget Gems !!!

Turning back the clock, it wasn`t until about 15 years ago when the Lion Confectionery Brand joined together with Maynard`s and started to market the brand across the whole of England. Before that the humble Midget Gem was really only familiar in and around the counties of the North – so if you were Whippet racing, you didn`t want to be doing it without a bag of Midget Gems in your pocket !!!

Midget GemsWith its increasing popularity now across the country as a whole, though, the chewy, fruity, long-lasting Midget Gem has become widely known as an old-fashioned sweet, a traditional sweet and, to use today`s terms, a `retro sweet` which is suitable for all ages and all situations !!!

People everywhere now ADORE Midget Gems !!! …… so, get your order in today …… and start chewing !!!!!!!!!

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