Maxilin, a confectionery manufacturing company based in Bolton in the North of England, have been producing sweet confectionery from as far back as the 1940s and they are famous today for the production of the totally delectable and truly delicious Maxilin Flyer.

Maxilin Liquorice Flyers 

Flyers, for anyone out there who has never had the absolute delight of sampling them,  are neat little liquorice tubes filled from end to end with uniquely flavoured sherbet crystals.  Flyers were originally available in just one variety, but in more recent years the range has been extended to include some super flavours such as Strawberry, Blackcurrant and even Tango Orange.

From decade to decade, Maxilin have continued to produce their famous Flyers using a traditional, old-fashioned method of manufacture and they are made from only the finest, mainly natural ingredients.

According to Maxilin `The Magic`s in the Middle` ..... and there`s only one way to find out if that`s true ........ grab yourself a pack today and SAMPLE THAT SENSATION !