Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms cereal, produced by a company called General Mills of Minnesota, was first introduced to the market in 1964.

Lucky Charms is a toasted oat cereal with a frosted coating combined with small coloured marshmallow (or mallow) pieces, which come in a variety of different shapes, including moons, stars, hearts, diamonds and shamrocks.  Lucky Charms are available in full boxes weighing 326g, small, 49g single portion perspex tubs and also in handy 24g `eat on the go` bars.  The outer packaging of each product generally has a bright crimson red background colour and the box itself depicts a cheerful-looking little Leprechaun-type chap on the front dressed in an emerald green outfit.

Lucky Charms are a favourite breakfast option over in the US and when it comes to American Cereals available in the UK they represent a wonderful, sweet and very colourful alternative to the usual breakfast foods we might associate with our own eating habits.  Whilst, like most cereals, Lucky Charms are associated with breakfast eating, they can actually be enjoyed at any time at all.