Here at The All Occasion Sweet Shop we`re delighted to offer our Customers an extensive range of liquorice and liquorice-related products which we hope offers something for everyone.

We stock and sell, for example, Liquorice Root, Bassetti Liquorice Sticks, Liquorice Wands, Old-Fashioned Liquorice Sticks, RJ`s Liquorice & Chocolate Logs, RJ`s Natural Liquorice Logs, RJ`s Raspberry Liquorice Logs, Stockley`s Liquorice Rock, Liquorice Cream Rock, Liquorice Apple Stripes, Liquorice Banana Stripes, Liquorice Strawberry Stripes, Black and White Mints, Liquorice Allsorts, Pontefract Cakes, Liquorice Torpedoes, Liquorice Comfits, Liquorice Cuttings, Liquorice Pinwheels, and Blackcurrant & Liquorice boiled sweets, to name but a few.

From the entire range of sweets on our website and also in our shop, we think Pontefract Cakes are just about the oldest, having allegedly started life (in the town of Pontefract, as the name suggests) over 400 years ago.  Liquorice itself, however, is said to date back even before biblical times and its use as a mild medicine is as popular today as it`s ever been.

Did you know that natural liquorice is often bought as an aid to digestion and also to ease coughs and colds.  It is also said to be very useful in quenching thirst in situations where water is scarce.

We love liquorice and it seems the nation does too .... so get yours here today at The All Occasion Sweet Shop on-line or at our Clitheroe sweet shop.