Joseph Dobson was an orphan who had been brought up in the care of his Grandparents since the age of 10.  Joseph set up business in the sweets industry West Yorkshire in 1850 having gained an interest in sweets from working previously for sweets manufacturing company in York.

Joseph Dobson's Mega Lollies 

Today, a full 125 years later, the firm, which has been handed down through the family and is currently known as Joseph Dobson and Sons, continues to produce a wonderful range of traditional sweets and retro sweets– one of which is the famous Joseph Dobson`s Mega Lollies.

Joseph Dobson and Sons` Mega Lollies come in a hugely creative array of flavours and the range is being constantly expanded to include new and exciting tastes.  Recent additions include Buttered Popcorn, Raspberry Ripple, Root Beer and Blue Raspberry, whilst the original range boasts more traditional retro sweet favourites such as Toffee, Sarsaparilla, Iron Brew, Lemon Meringue and Cream Soda – to name but a few !

Perhaps one of the best things about Joseph Dobson and Sons` Mega Lollies is that the entire range is suitable for vegetarians and is both gluten free and halal approved.

Each full jar of Joseph Dobson`s Mega Lollies contains 90 individual hard-boiled lollies and each lolly is long-lasting and mouth-wateringly delicious.  Full jars make great party sweets or wedding sweets.