Spurred on by recent online articles relating to what happens to you immediately after drinking a can of Coke ... closely followed up by an article advising of the immediate after effects of consuming a glass of kale juice, we thought we`d take a quick look at the perceived impact of sugar.

It is often said that `you are what you eat` and whilst that`s true in some respects, enjoying a few sweet treats every now and again surely won`t result in us turning into a giant Pear Drop – or will it ?

The past year in particular has seen massive media coverage in the UK around the alleged evils of sugar consumption, whilst in America some people are taking a new look at sugar and an article featured recently in the New York Times detailed the way in which sugar is being reviewed as a more healthy alternative to the previously preferred synthetic sweeteners.  After all, sugar is essentially a natural product which is subject to a fairly simple production process, which involves no bleach.

For us, owning and running a sweets retail business selling sweets both on-line and also on the high street is very definitely a pleasurable affair.  Our mission in business is to bring a smile to the faces of all who visit us and sugar, inevitably, plays the major part in our achieving this goal.

Despite all the bad things being said about sugar just now, some things have to be said to be at least ` a little bit good`, do they not?  What about the fact that brightly-coloured, sugary sweets DO bring a smile to people`s faces, or the fact that sugar provides an instant source of energy, or the fact that eating sweet sugary things produces an overall feeling of comfort and pleasure which is seen by some to reduce the effects of stress?

Well, our conclusion from all of this is that a little of what you fancy definitely does do you good and that sweets, like many other things in life, are fine to be enjoyed in moderation.

For more information about sugar production, look up The British Sugar Association.