Well, it`s just 17 more days now until we reach Halloween !  Here at the All Occasion Sweet Shop we love Halloween and all the wonderful things which are associated with it, so it`s really great news for us that Halloween celebrations have grown in popularity so much in recent years.
Halloween Hamper

Our shop on Moor Lane in Clitheroe sits in the shadow of Pendle Hill - a well-known landmark which is at the centre of some great Halloween events each year.  According to Wikipedia, Pendle Hill has a famous association with the Pendle Witch trials of 1612 and there is a Bronze Age Burial site at it`s summit, which is 557 meters above sea level.  Each year on Halloween, crowds of people gather, many of them dressed in Halloween Costume and they carry candles and hold Halloween Feasts to celebrate the event.

Looking back at the history of Halloween, did you know that the name Halloween (or Hallowe`en) is an abbreviation of the term All Hallows Eve and that the occasion is thought by some to have Pagan roots.  The Celts used Halloween to mark the end of the harvest season and still today some people eat just fruit and vegetables on Halloween in memory of this tradition.  Apparently, that`s where Toffee Apples started life !

Today, though, the celebration of Halloween has become much less about ghostly, ghoulish goings on and more about candy, fancy dress costumes and fun events taking place around the country and if you`re attending one such event then why not take along one of our astonishing Halloween Hampers or prepare in advance for Trick or Treat with our great value Swizzel`s Matlow Retro Gift Box.