Many people these days think of Haribo as a modern, newly-developed sweet manufacturing company, but would you ever have thought that the story of Haribo actually began in Germany soon after the end of the first World War ?

The Company name `Haribo` is made up of three sections of the name of the gentleman who came to own the firm and who registered it as `Haribo` in 1920.  The gentleman`s name was Hans Riegel Bonn.

Today, one of the most notable sweets produced by Haribo has to be the small colourful fruit-flavoured gummy bear and not many people know that the yellow (or `gold`) version of this tiny bear was one of the first sweets ever to be produced by Haribo almost a hundred years ago !!  Amazing, eh !!

The firm of Haribo inevitably grew massively in size as the years progressed and by the 1990`s, Haribo finally bought out all the shares in the Dunhill sweet manufacturing company based in Pontefract, Northern England.  Dunhill was a company made famous itself by the production of the liquorice Pontefract Cake – an unmistakeable round flat liquorice sweet synonymous with the Pontefract area itself which has been in production there for over 400 years !!

So, as we cast our minds back just a couple of decades to talk today of retro sweets, old fashioned sweets and traditional sweets, it`s worth remembering just how long some of the sweets we enjoy have actually been around !!!

Why not check out the Haribo site for yourselves and see the little gold bear sitting alongside what is now a totally massive range of modern day sweets!!!