Described on the 28g pack as `Tutti Frutti Flavour Candy Coated Bubblegum`, Golden Gum Nuggets, previously referred to as `Gold Rush` BubbleGum and churned out in their thousands by Scanlans, are now manufactured by a sweet producing company called Rose.

Golden Gum NuggetsPresented in a small, neat, super-cool cream-coloured cloth bag with a unique drawstring top and printed front, these tiny golden nuggets of delicious bubblegum really do take some beating for lovers of bubblegum and retro sweets alike. 

In the late 70s, a small bag of Gold Rush would set you back a total of 8p from your pocket money, with this price rising to 25p as the product progressed through the 1980s.  Today, some 30 + years down the line, they`re priced in our shop and on our website at 89p per bag and, like the genuine gold nuggets panned from streams by the Cowboys, they`re in great demand!