If you’ve ever planned and hosted a child’s party, no matter the occasion, you’ll have experienced the chaos and mayhem that ensues when the kids arrive at the event that they’ve all been looking forward to for weeks.

On the day you have a house packed out with extremely excitable children waiting for games, food and lots of fun and expecting you to keep them entertained all day. So it’s important that you prepare games and activities to last the duration of the party and keep them as busy as possible.

To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of activities - including a classic party game – which we think are guaranteed to keep the kids entertained until their parents collect them. They’re simple to organise, fun for the children and – naturally - involve sweets!

Pass the parcel

A classic, undeniably, but one which will never get old. Every kid knows pass the parcel. A present for them to unwrap, what’s not to love? A chance of them winning the main prize in the middle- even better! Most children will know the rules, but it’s worth reiterating the main point to them at the beginning of the game- no hogging the parcel, keep it moving round the circle.

Wrap a treat in every layer, this could be a lollipop or a small toy, but it will mean that every child who unwraps a layer gets a small treat, even if they don’t win the main prize. For older children, why not update the game a little? Write a dare or a task like ‘say the alphabet backwards’ or ‘stand on one leg until the music stops’ on a label and hide one in every layer, a great way of keeping the game fresh and fun for children who might have played it countless times.


An increasingly popular party activity in the UK that takes its inspiration from the original Mexican piñata. They are usually brightly decorated papier-mâché objects filled with small toys and sweets which will break open if hit and shower the guests with the contents inside. If you don’t have time before the party to layer up the papier-mâché and make one, don’t worry, we stock our very own sweetie filled piñata here at All Occasion Sweet Shop- the perfect solution.

Hang the piñata somewhere where there’s enough room, as this game will involve children swinging a wooden stick and could have disastrous consequences if played in confined spaces! Ask them to form a queue, and as each child gets to the front, blindfold them and gently spin them round three times. Then, when they’re dizzy, give them the wooden stick and watch them try to hit the piñata.

Make sure that the other guests are stood far enough away to avoid being hit by the stick. Once the piñata is cracked, let the children come forward to pick up the sweets (in as controlled a manner as possible!)

Decorating biscuits

If the noise and energy levels start to get a bit much, introduce a more quiet activity so that the kids can calm down a little. Set up a table and give each of them a plain biscuit like a digestive and ask them to decorate it with sweets. This way they can sit together and chat but can still concentrate on what they’re doing.

Provide fun and interesting bits and bobs for them to use as decoration. Marshmallow fluff or Nutella could make a great base for them to stick things onto and with sweets like dolly mixture and cherry lips they can create facial features. Then, when they’re done, you can wrap their biscuits and add them to their party bags to take home.

These ideas are simple and easy to organise, but will be the kinds of things that kids can engage with and will really enjoy. They also take minimal planning, so that even if you’re on the last minute and busy with other things, you can still provide fun activities that will keep the children entertained for the whole of the party, and will keep them talking about it for weeks after!

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