End Of Term Gifts and Ideas

Well, it`s fast approaching that happy time of year when “school`s out”, as they say, and children across the country can sit back and look forward to that well-earned long summer holiday break.

Attitudes have changed greatly over the years when it comes to End of Term.  As a child growing up in the 1970s and leaving school in the early 1980s, reaching the end of term for us meant departing the classroom for the day at lunchtime, rather than at half past three in the afternoon and the likelihood of becoming the target for a flour bomb on your way home !

There was no such thing back then as taking into school a gift for Teacher on the last day of term .... let alone gifts for all your Classmates.  Today, though, influenced some of the end of term activities taking place overseas, taking in a gift for Teacher on the day children finish for their summer break is common practise ..... as is the presentation of gifts for each of your friends and even everyone in the class.

Here at the All Occasion Sweet Shop, we hope we`ve made this newly-developed tradition both simple and affordable by putting together a range of sweetshop gifts specially designed for End of Term.

Check out our End of Term Sweet Hamper which provides a myriad of sweets for the entire class, plus an individual pre-boxed gift for Teacher ...... or our red and shiny Retro Sweets Gift Box.  We even do a Whopping Tuck Shop Mix Retro Sweets Jar which is full to the top with small individual packs of sweets, enough to go round the whole class two or three times.  Or, if you`re just looking for a Teacher Gift on its own, then what better than our Retro Sweets Gift Cube.

So, whatever your end of term needs, we`re here to help with sweet hampers, sweet gift boxes and sweet jars delivered directly to your door ..... and all at great prices.