We`ve been shocked in recent months to learn of the manufacturer`s decision to gradually start axing certain flavours of the iconic Wham Bar.  The Wham Bar, which boasts `Super Fizz` and is described as a `Tongue Tingling Chew Bar` , has had its original range slashed from the five great flavours available up to and during 2014 .... down to JUST ONE!  Can you believe it?

Wham Bars 

Some months ago we watched in utter dismay as the Sour Apple Wham Bar was withdrawn from the range because of an apparent reduction in sales and as 2014 drew to an end, we were devastated to see the Strawberry Wham Bar and Cola Wham Bar suffer the same fate. 

Nothing could have prepared us, though, for the unbearable news received just last week from the manufacturers themselves that the well-loved and truly iconic Wham Brew Bar (Wham`s Iron Bru flavoured chewy sensation) had finally been withdrawn from sale .... leaving just the Original Wham Bar, in its distinctive blue wrapper, surviving cuts at the time of writing this Blog.

The All Occasion Sweet Shop has been selling Whams at a tremendous rate since our business first started life and from our own point of view they are as much in demand today as they`ve ever been. 

Watch this space for a possible future campaign aimed at BACKING THE BREW WHAM BAR!