Retro Sweets
We were talking in the shop last week about Coconut Mushrooms ..... an iconic retro sweet from the past which, it seems, everyone remembers and most of love ..... but where on earth did these little gems of confection originate from ?? ....... and, more to the point, why ?? After all, what on earth would possess someone to develop such an item and for what reason ?? Of all the sweets on our sweetshop shelves today, the Coconut Mushroom seems about the most unusual ..... with a small jelly-like chewy blob, extremely well coated in desiccated coconut, forming the cap and a pure white fondant, super sweet and sugary stem.

Well, we`ve done some research, and as `facts about the Coconut Mushroom` go, it has to be said that information is fairly thin on the ground. So we`ve challenged our Customers in the shop today to give us their own take on the product and to let us have any information they happen to have to hand ...... and here`s what came back:- Of 30 people asked, 27 said they loved Coconut Mushrooms, 2 said they hated them and one was indifferent.

Everyone we spoke to said they remembered them from the past and one of our Customers was able to vouch for them dating back over 30 years.