Did you know that Chewits, still one of the sweetie shop best-sellers of the present day, were originally manufactured in the seaside resort of Southport as far back in time as the 1960s? That`s not just an amazing fact, it`s also a very, very long time to keep people chewing!

The Chewits factory is still based in Southport and over the years has continued to produce Chewits chewy sweets in various forms and flavours.  Special edition ranges created over the years have included delights like Ice Cream flavoured Chewits, Rhubarb and Custard Chewits, Mint Chewits, Banana Chewits, Cool Mint Chewits and even Toffee Popcorn flavoured Chewits (introduced for a limited period in 2002 and described as `an American dream of a flavour).  The Chewits Xtreme range which has been produced more recently offers a sour alternative to the usual sweet Chewits and the range has in it some spectacular lines like Tutti Frutti, Apple and Pineapple (the latter of which, if you`ve never tried, you absolutely MUST in our opinion!).

In 2009, as detailed in Wikipedia, Chewits launched a Facebook campaign which was entitled `Chewie, the Chewitsaurus` and over the years the campaign managed to achieve more than 400,000 Facebook `likes`.

Chewits, in our view, are incredibly fun sweets which have been loved and adored by the young at heart (whatever their `actual` age) throughout the decades and right up to the present day.  Past advertising slogans for Chewits have included hilarious captions such as the `Chews Flash` and `Do it before you Chewit` (hey, their words, not ours ... we`re just letting you know what`s been out there!).

Check out the Chewits site today at for more amazing facts and stories or buy your Chewits online here at the All Occasion Sweet Shop with more flavours being added to our site very soon.