This week`s Blog focuses on Chewits – a sweet brand first introduced to the sweets retail market in the early 1960s when it was produced in Southport in a limited range of just four fruity flavours – Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Orange and Banana.


In 1965 Chewits were launched to a broader market across the UK and they`ve been growing in popularity ever since.

Today, the Chewits range includes tongue tingling and exciting flavours associated with the Chewits Xtreme range including Tutti Frutti, Sour Apple and Sour Pineapple and the entire range sells and their existing range has been extended too to include favourites such as Cola Chewits and Fruit Salad Chewits but not forgetting the more reconised flavours such as Strawberry Chewits and Blackcurrant Chewits.

Chewits are an all round favourite for young and old alike and they feature currently in many of our decade and occasion hampers.

We hope the Chewits range can go on forever and continue to increase its range and to grow in popularity as it has over the decades.  Watch our site for any new flavours which are introduced to the market in the months ahead!