In our blogs between now and the August Bank Holiday, we want to take a look at some of the magnificent sweets which are manufactured in Scotland – and the first is Butter Tablet.  During our first year of trading we were constantly asked via our online sweets store whether we stocked Butter Tablet.  To be honest, having always lived in Lancashire and never having ventured much into the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, Butter Tablet was something we`d never really heard of, but we did some research and finally managed to find a manufacturer in Scotland who was able to supply us .... and now we do have it in stock, it sells astonishingly well, both on-line and in our Clitheroe shop.

Butter Tablet is a traditional Scottish sweet which is manufactured mainly in Scotland and the variety we stock (Buchannan`s) is said on the pack to be made with pure dairy butter .... which, we`re guessing, is why it tastes SO, SO good.

If, like ourselves until recently, you`ve never actually tasted Butter Tablet then we recommend you give it a try.  Butter Tablet is a slab-type confection which is similar to fudge but with the sugary texture and consistency of old-fashioned cough candy.  It is golden in colour and, as the name suggests, it has a distinct creamy buttery taste.