We`ve written a number of short articles in the past relating to old-fashioned, traditional  and what might be termed `penny` sweets and amongst the favourites listed have always been the impressive aniseed flavoured Black Jack chews and their close `cousin` the super-fruity raspberry and pineapple flavoured Fruit Salad chews.

Each of these small-sized chewy sweet is similar in appearance, both being rectangular in shape and both wrapped in neatly folded waxed paper.... and in a decade which now long past, they both cost a penny each! 

When it comes to taste, though, the two are worlds apart and we were inspired this week to be contacted by someone running a poll for readers to vote for their own favourite between the two.

The poll forms part of a blog which is dedicated to Black Jack chews and absolutely everything in the world there is associated with them – from ingredients, to recipes and even a pictorial history of the wrappers which dates from 1920 right up to the present day; (which means, the humble, yet totally delicious, Black Jack chew is now nearing 100 years of production) ...... astonishing!!

Look up www.blackjacksweets.com to join in the poll or to add your own comments.