Birthday Cake M & M's

In the weeks ahead we`ll be looking in our blog at the famous M & M`S range and in today`s blog we`re focussing, in particular, on the `Birthday Cake` variety.

Birthday Cake M & M`s are one of the more recent creations in the astonishing M & M`s range and they come beautifully packaged in a cheerfully bright sky blue packet.  Even the little M & M guy pictured on the front of the pack is dressed for the occasion with his party hat already in place and in his hand he is holding a big slice of birthday cake. 

When it comes to choosing from such a wide range of American Sweets and Candy on the market today, which sweet  could ever compare to the amazing Birthday Cake M & M`s when it comes finding a perfect Birthday Party Sweet Treat ? ...... (absolutely none, in our opinion !).

Birthday Cake M & M chocolate candies are made with real chocolate and each 1.40 oz (39.7g) bag brings you just 190 calories, which means they`re the perfect treat for any time you need one !