Anglo Bubbly

Anglo Bubbly
(or Anglo Bubblegum, to give it its `Sunday name`) has to be one of THE most famous and THE most memorable retro sweets from the 1970s and `80s .... it`s certainly the one we remember most here at The All Occasion Sweet Shop

Here are some facts you may not know about the famous Anglo Bubbly:

Anglo Bubblegum pieces are small, round and flat, pale pink in colour, dusted with icing sugar and they come with a distinctive and quite unique fruity pear flavour.

Anglo Bubblegum contains only natural colours and flavours and each full counter box contains a total of 240 individual pieces.  The outer packaging tells us that Anglo `blows bigger bubbles` and on the side of the box there`s a message urging chewers to dispose of their Anglo Bubbly responsibly (and quite right too !! .......... i.e. - no sticking it to the underside of school desks,  etc. !!).

Anglo Bubby is manufactured in the North of England by the Tangerine Confectionery Company, who are based in Blackpool and the ingredients of Anglo Bubbly are sugar, glucose syrup, gum base, invert sugar syrup, humectants (whatever that might be ?!?), sorbitol syrup, flavouring and natural beetroot red colouring.

So, there you go ..... a tiny snapshot of the life and times of the ever-famous Anglo Bubbly .... a product which, we think anyway, is one of the most famous bubblegum products ever to show up in the confectionery market-place.