Why have we in the UK become so totally hooked on American sweets & candy?  If you turn the clock back just over a decade or so we seemed never to have heard of American Sweets or American Candy .... and yet today we seem completely obsessed by it all !  We just can`t get enough of it !

Our own small business encompasses both a high street sweet shop (located in the little market town of Clitheroe in Lancashire) and also an online sweet shop at www.alloccasionsweetshop.co.uk and in both respects we see the demand for American sweets (American candy) and even American drinks (or `soda` as it`s referred to across the pond !) soar year on year, without fail.

Favourites from the American range include Fluff (in all flavours, but mainly Vanilla Fluff!), M & M`s (especially Mint M & M`s), Hershey`s chocolate products (particularly Hershey`s Kisses and the Hershey`s Cookies and Creme Bar), Lucky Charms Cereal and Fanta Grape soda ..... but the absolute market-leaders, based purely on our own experience, are the Reese`s Peanut Butter range, Red Vines (including Grape Vines and Liquorice Vines to a lesser extent) and  Dad`s Root Beer.

Controversially, looking at the sale of UK Sweets over in America, there were press reports during the early part of 2015 to suggest the blocking of Cadbury`s chocolate products so that people having moved over there, desperate to get their hands on a Cadbury`s chocolate bar would be hugely disappointed !!

Well, why not get in touch and give us your opinion as to why American Candy has become so popular here in the UK .... and let us know what`s your favourite from the American Sweets and American Drinks range.