A & W Root Beer

Very sadly for ourselves and for many of our Customers too, there have been problems recently with certain varieties of `soda` being imported from the USA with regard to ensuring full compliance with various EU regulations. 

For this reason, A & W Root Beer (one of our absolute best-selling drinks) has been withdrawn from sale by some of the wholesalers we use because they cannot import it without great difficulty and, unless we can find an alternative wholesaler who is actually able to import A & W Root Beer in line with the relevant regulations, we will very sadly not be able to offer this product again in the near future.  This is devastating news and we are doing our absolute best to overcome the problem.

A & W Root Beer started life in America as far back as 1919 when a young entrepreneur began producing the distinctive drink and selling it at the roadside as a means of refreshing people there at the time to celebrate the return of Soldiers from World War 1.

With this amount of history behind the product, surely there must be some way around the EU regulations now blocking sales, but in the meantime we have recently started stocking Dad`s Root Beer in our Clitheroe Shop and will shortly be adding this product to our website.  Watch this space !